About Us

Our customers come first. We’re driven to exceed their expectations by listening, leading, solving problems, anddeliveringwhat we promise.
Inventing a sustainable future means developing an original growth model that combines regular and solid financial performancewith a very high level of environmental and social objectives.

Because today more than ever, inventing a sustainable future means being open to the needs of everyone and actingintheinterest of all.

With more than 35 years of experience, Eurofood® has been established in Istanbul to develop qualified and modern foodstuff andfood packing materials on the sector. Now we are a company, which does International Distribution's & SupplyChainmanagement as a foodstuff and food packing materials in İstanbul, İzmir Türkiye, Doha Qatar & Frankfurt, Berlin Germany. ( EuroFood & Foody Food GmbH & Golden Establishment ) Unca®, the brand of Eurofood®, produces delicious products that appeal tothe taste of the palate.

Eurofood® adds raw quality, employees' enthusiasm and enthusiasm to its products. Eurofood® continues to work toincreasethe quality of the product with increasing product variety and to reach the wider consumer group, to advance in the sector withtheright investments and to add happiness to your life. Hygienic conditions and environmental friendly technology are usedtoreflectlife energy.

WE supplies all types of food, paper materials and industrial kitchen equipment with competitive prices, in the necessary timeandin the required quantity. With an expert team, regularly audits its suppliers in order to adapt to the latest technologiesandtosatisfy the customer demands served.

Today, Euro Food Ltd. Co is many things to many different customers, an expert consultant, a logistics company, a technologyprovider, and more generally a distributor of food & food packaging industrial and Industrial kitchen products. These aspectsofservice share a common foundation: great people, close to our customers. The possibilities range from a simple dock-to-dock delivery program, to a expert-managed vending or bin stock solution, all theway up to an onsite partnership where we provide a dedicated servicing location and team to run a world-class supply chainforyour business.

By combining the competitive supply network we have established in Turkey & whole world for many years with technology, moveit to the whole world with your expert logistics power. Deliver fast, reliable and quality service that we created together toeverycorner of Europe.

Our Core Values

  • Safety Leadership
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Business Ethics
  • Operational Excellence
  • Financial Performance
  • Teamwork
  • Employee Development
  • Community / Charity Involvement